Brent Comber - Drum - Western Red Cedar

Brent Comber - Drum  - Western Red Cedar


Brent Comber Originals takes inspiration from the unparalleled setting of the Pacific Northwest and has created a body of work that is interwoven and inseparable from the story of the landscape.
In Drum Series, a full slice or section of a cedar tree trunk is used to create the drum shape, its diameter directly influencing the diameter of the finished table. The wood is dried prior to carving the piece. During this process it releases moisture and the wood’s growth rings contract, especially the newer wood located closest to the outside of the tree. This causes a crack to grow from the outside of the log and opens towards the middle of the tree. Having no effect on the structural capacity of the table, this crack serves to direct our eyes towards the center of the tree- the point in time where it all began.
Western Red Cedar 
White Hard wax Oil
D22” - 24” x H15”                                                                                   
Made In British Columbia, Canada
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Lead time 6-8 weeks
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