Cire Trudon - Gold Collection - Hupo


Cire Trudon celebrates Christmas with a collection of festive scented candles - The Gold Collection: their magnetic reflections and luminous surfaces are unique. Handcrafted with care, each glass is first lacquered on the inside before being decorated with silver leaves.
The Hupo scented candle hints at ambergris’ rare origin: sought and desired, ambergris fascinated sovereigns around the globe; it was exchanged at high price between China and the Middle East. Used in perfumes as well as medicine, its enigmatic, sensual scent matches the skin perfectly.
Top - Cashmere Wood, Cedarwood. Middle - Incense, Iris, Patchouli.
Base - Amber, Labdanum, Leather, Vanilla.
W3 1/2" X H4" - 9.5oz
Burn Time
55+ hours 
Additional details
Vegetable based wax candle with pure cotton wick is biodegradable, allergen free and contains no pesticides.  Housed within a beautiful hand-made glass vessel that can be easily reused.
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