Origins - WISP - Blackened Maple

Origins - WISP - Blackened Maple


Origins is an experimental design and fabrication studio based in Vancouver, BC. Their multi-faceted approach to design and making gives them the ability to shift gears and disciplines quickly, focusing their attention on the projects and problems that really speak to them. They believe that good design should be honest, humble, and useful above all else. They also believe that the techniques of tradition and technology should carry equal weight in contemporary design culture.


Mimicking the natural forces of wind and water, subtle movements along the trajectory of each carving stroke result in an organic, eroded topography.

Parallel lines devolve along their lengths - rising and falling, converging and diverging. The peaks and valleys of each path meander as the depth varies, simultaneously erasing and being erased by their neighbouring geometries.


Blackened Maple


L24" x W36"


Vancouver, B.C.

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