About Us




We are discoverers with discerning taste and an eye for the sublime. Provide curates far and worldwide for lifestyle décor
crafted with perfection – ceramics, glass, wood, metal and textiles abound. From a distinctive source of inspiration,
dedication or tradition – each design is a story of where and why we selected it for our store, a setting, your home. 



HEART – We live and love what we do. Nothing pleases us more than spotting rare finds and juxtaposing collections
that kindle the senses. Some see it as an art form. We simply feel it in every fibre of our being. 

MIND – We aim to provide design elegance with a soulful presence. Contemporary with a calming, natural influence.
Immensely personal as well as thoroughly practical. 

SPIRIT – Ours is a co-creative energy. We as purveyors in unison with our patrons gleaning and sharing ideas.
You’ve a good notion of what you want. We’ve the selection and savvy to ensure you’re ecstatic with what you get. 



Robert Quinnell and David Keeler opened Provide in 2007 as a showcase for some of the iconic and artistic designs they’d
discovered traveling the world. The duo share with customers treasures sourced internationally, sometimes serendipitously,
which conveniently obliges them to continue globe trotting in search of more. 

Originally from Toronto, now a quintessential Vancouverite, Robert previously worked in fashion sales then management,
which ignited his entrepreneurial spirit. Today, the sweet spot for Robert is matching unique creations from independent
designers with clients seeking to surround themselves with all things exquisite. 

David was born in Alberta with a wanderlust that allured him to live in Montreal, San Francisco, New York (where he attended
Parsons School of Design) then Vancouver. These cities and experiences refined his natural aesthetic, which he applied in
advertising and design for many years prior to turning his talent to Provide.


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