Mad et Len - Bougie Apothicaire Petite - Figue Noire


Mad et Len was started in 2007 in the village of St. Julien in the South of France. The essential oils are sourced by the two owners using woods, flowers and spices which are all aged naturally. Hand blended scents with soy wax, cotton wick in handmade steel vessels. 
The “fig tree” note is green and fruity, woody but also somewhat milky and sandal wood alike.
Burned Steel Jar
Soy Wax
Cotton Wick
D3 1/2" X H4"
Burn time
60-75 Hours
300 gr
Made in France
Additional Information
Vegan, Cruelty free, Ethically sourced.
Burn only on a stable heat resistance surface. Keep from drafts.
Do not burn candle when was is less than 1/2" from the bottom.
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