Provide Rugs - Skinny Braided Jute Rugs - White

Provide Rugs - Skinny Braided Jute Rugs - White


Provide Rugs are handwoven by skilled artisans at a reputable mill in India that is registered with Carpet Export Promotion Council. The Rugs are 70% jute and 30% cotton. Cotton is used in the weft and the jute is used as warp as well as pile content. Cotton dyes are used - these are Azo-free and are not harmful to the environment.
70% Jute, 30% Cotton
Made In India
Care Instructions
Moisture rapidly deteriorates jute and saps its strength, so we recommend that all jute rugs be placed/stored indoors. Their susceptibility to moisture makes jute rugs tricky to clean.
Cleaning Instructions
If the rug is soiled, first dab off any excess moisture, then gently brush with a soft brush and water as immediate treatment. If the stain is acidic, use club soda instead of water. Dry immediately with a hairdryer.
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