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Scott Morgan - 10,000 Years - Bhanu llll


Scott Morgan is a Vancouver based artist and photographer.

10,000 Years Project Statement
The greek etymological root of photography is "drawing with light." The Sun's rays consist of photons - the elemental form of light and take 10,000 to 100,000 years to reach the earth's surface. The light we see and take for granted, the foundation for life as we know it on our small planet is ancient beyond our comprehension. The 10,000 Years project explores this primordial light and the concept of time in a primary analog photographic process by heat etching directly onto silver gelatin papers. This alchemical process combines the Sun's radiation and light-sensitive materials to create a new expression made of paper, metallic silver, gelatin, and ash. The work centers on fundamental mark-making with light bridging between ancient and modern presentations. The final pieces, called "Suryagrams," named after the Vedic god of the Sun, and a unique process, are primal in texture and modern in expression, taking inspiration from cave drawings, petroglyphs, Tantric paintings, and cosmological explorations of both contemporary and timeless. 10,000 Years explores the photograph as an artifact, neither an image nor a shadow of an object; the work goes back to the basic definition of photography, light transforming matter.

Scott Morgan
Vancouver, BC

Unique silver Suryagram

Frame size: L24" x W20" 
Print size: L20" x W16" 

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